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Obesity, is one of the most important diseases of the era, that can lead to both chronic diseases and loss of life comfort. If you can not lose weight in any way, then ‘Bariatric Surgery’ is the most effective method for you.

Bariatric and metabolism surgeries have gained importance with high success rate in treatment of obesity. After the bariatric surgery, we will start getting rid of many of the patient’s diseases in a short while after being discharged. The surgical methods are now accepted as alternative to the medical treatment and as a very effective method, not as the ultimate remedy especially in diabetes.

Sleeve Gastrectomy - By this method, weight loss is ensured and better compared to vertical banded gastroplasty surgery. The lack of minerals and vitamins rarely emerges because the anatomy is not distorted, and a lifelong vitamin-mineral supplement is not required. The operation lasts 45 mins and the patient is discharged after 2-3 days from the hospital.

Gastric Bypass - It is an operation that limits eating and prevents absorption at the same time. This effect of weight loss is better than other methods. The Type-II diabetic patients may get rid of diabetes in the ration of 85-90%.

All of the obesity surgeries are carried out by the laparoscopic method. In addition, it can also be performed by using the robotic method which is a more advanced method.