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Bone Marrow Transplant - VTT Sağlık Turizm ve Organizasyon Danışmanlık Ltd Şti

Bone marrow is a spongy material found in the hollow centers of some bones which contains special cells known as stem cells who create other specialized cells with very important functions.

Bone marrow transplantation or stem cells transplantation is done by injecting healthy stem cells to replenish the bone marrow of the patient who will take over the production of the blood cells.

There are diseases that can be cured successfully through bone marrow transplantation such as; Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Aplastic Anemia, Solid Tumors, Immune Deficiencies etc.

Two different techniques can be use for bone marrow transplantation ;

1. Autologous: Transplanted from the patient himself

2. Allogenic :Transplanted from a brother / sister, a parent, or a donor that has no genetic connection with the patient

The transplant process first start with an examination to determine if a stem cells is needed, Then doctors will obtain stem cells that will be use for the transplant. After that they will prepare your body and begin the transplantation. The last step will be the recovery period.

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