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Cornea is the transparent front part of the eye which allows the entrance of the light rays inside of the eye and transports them to the retina and from there it is transmitted to the brain where the perception of the image is realized. The normal cornea is a polished, aspherical, square-shaped asphalt surface, centered in the center and comes flat on the periphery. The cornea is constructed from collagen fibers mainly oriented in parallel way. Its transparency depends on the operation of a single cell layer that wears its inner surface and is not able to regenerate.

Cornea transparency, as well as its precision bargaining depends the most on the ability of the eye to convey the image to the retina.

For a successful cornea transplant it is necessary to use a healthy cornea from a dead donor. Corneas is selected, taken, certified and made available to surgeons by the "eye banks". One important point to be aware of concerning this procedure is that the result of the transplantations operation depends on the chosen cornea as well as the techniques used and the professionalism of the physician.

If your cornea can not be cured or repaired, your ophthalmologist may recommend the cornea transplant.

All donated corneas are carefully tested to make sure they are healthy and safe to use.

There are different types of cornea transplants. In some cases, only the front and middle layers of the cornea are replaced. In others, only the inner layer is removed. Sometimes, the entire cornea should be replaced.

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