Yukarı Çık


Turkey is the center of the tourism attraction and curiosity through its hospitality, historical background, metropolitans cities, social, cultural and economical wealth. In the past few years Turkey have also been a very popular destination regarding health care because of the significant Renovation in the health field and have been able to place itself because the best of this world.
Health tourism is an emerging area in recent years for Turkey. Price/quality balance and thanks to its world-class players of the sector in Turkey managed to become the leader in this field.
Similarities in culture and eating habits, ease of geting visa and worship makes Turkey an ideal country for patients from Arab countries.
VIP Treatment in Turkey, especially focused on providing the best hospital to be treated through medical tourism in Turkey for Arabic-speaking patients. With expert employees, native translators, hassle-free transfer, visa and trip , VTT works only for patient’s time in Turkey to be the best and without a problem.
VIP Treatment in Turkey leaves nothing to chance for a smooth and VIP visit of patients and their accompanying persons.

Medical Consulting

We do return within 24 hours for information.

Treatment Services

We provide all the details so that the patient can receive proper and correct treatment.

Transfer Services

We ensure the transfer of the patient and his relatives from the plane to the hospital, hotel, airport and travel destinations.

Travel Services

We perform ticketing according to the start time of treatment.

Accommodation Services

During the time spent in Turkey, we ensure your accomodation in top quality hotels.

Interpreting Services

Your companions are the helpful VIP Treatment in Turkey staff with native Arabic and Turkish competence. We prevent the patient and his / her relatives from having any communication problems.

Trip Programs

In accordance with the treatment program, we ensure that our guests visit the most special points of the city where they come for treatment.

Visa Procedures

We assist in all stages of visa procurement procedures.